Up We Go

It’s been so long since I last posted here and I just want to share my last climb here in Mt. yangbew, La trinidad, Benguet, Philippines. Advertisements

Postcard swapping

I really love traveling and one of the ways I want to travel is through postcards thanks to SHM for inspiring me to do this. I only started this may and I already sent out 58 postcards all across the globe. I haven’t received any though but I am hoping and waiting. Anyone interested to … More Postcard swapping

Wonders of Wattpad

I can assure that majority of you have heard and even visited Wattpad.com but beforing sharing my sentiment about Wattpad let us get to know wattpad and how  it works. To those who are not familiar with this application, Wattpad is an app created to those who are passionate in writing stories (in different genre) … More Wonders of Wattpad