2016: Ilocos Norte, Philippines

What I love about attending conferences it that we get a sidetrip to visit various places. Last 2016, we we’re lucky to have our thesis accepted in an international conference. We are also blessed that our parents drove us to Ilocos, and stroll around the place.

These are the places we visited:

📍Marcos Museum, Batac

This is a museum dedicated to our late president Marcos.

📍Fort Ilocandia

One of the famous hotels and historic place in Ilocos.

📍Paoay Church

This is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

🍦 Sorbetes ( we call it Dirty Ice Cream but eats it anyway), its our Local Ice Cream near Paoay Church

🍕Pinakbet Pizza (also a store near the church)

– its a filipino disg turned into pizza

And of course, the beach!

🌊 Pangil Beach Resort, Currimao


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