La Union, Philippines

Nothing beats the creation of our creator and I am beyond happy to witness how beautiful and amazing it is.

I like travelling and backpacking but I never tried hiking and all other adventures like that (but I am willing to see where it will bring me). This year I got the chance to visit one of the famous falls in La Union with my workmates. Lucky kid here!

We stayed at Roundhouse Resort, San Juan, La Union Philippines. We rented the place for 4 days. The resort has a lot of rooms perfect for reunions, team buildings and other occasions. Their is a big pool, jacuzzi, karaoke, billiards and a public beach. Be careful with the beach though because when we stayed there, some got a jellyfish sting!

DAY 1 – June 10

We traveled  early morning this day so that we can arrive at La Union before lunch. We took a breakfast at McDo Insular and headed straight to Roundhouse.

The itinerary of the day is to just eat, relax and have some fun. What I love about going to the beaches is that I get to eat seafood not available in my place or its cheaper compared at our place. It was a funny experience though during this weekend because I ate a half-cooked oyster and I got a terrible diarrhea. Lessons learned.

All throughout the day, some of us played at the beach the famous Filipino game called ‘Patintero’ while some of us watch them. We also brought some balloons and filled it with water which we threw with one another. We also set up a bonfire around 9 am while listening to music, eating smores and telling stories.

Filipino outing is also not complete with a Karaoke!

DAY 2 – June 11

Hike and falls! Just by mentioning this 2 words, I bet you already have an idea on what we did this day.

We arranged a tour package with PINIPIKPIKAN this day. They are the one in charge for us during the hike and all to Tangadan Falls. Tangadan Falls just became a tourist spot this year or last year. This is located at San Gabriel, La Union. Their presence is indeed really helpful because they helped us during the hike and in reaching weird rocks that we need to pass to reach the majestic falls.

We rented a jeepney from Roundhouse to Tangadan Falls. The trip is around 10-30 minutes with a series of skippy road, and some ups and downs. After that, they stopped at point where we can finally start hiking.

The hike is around 10-20 minutes. It depends on your pace. It was hot but the hike was worth it the moment we saw the falls and the moment we went in the water. The water is really clean and cold. It is also really deep but we have our life jackets so yay!

We’re also given the chance to be at the falls per se and to cliff dive. Here are some of the photos I have during the trip:


Not everyone is a fan of hiking and exploring but I want to encourage everyone to scratch that laziness and fear off and to try things like this. This may look tiring and hard but there is nothing worth doing than appreciating the beautiful gift our nature has to offer and to feel more alive day by day.



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