Day 4 – Exploring Malaysia for a day!

Here is a view from the rooftop! KL tower is seen here.

We had an amazing breakfast buffet at Mandarin Court Hotel and the staff are really kind with our reuest. We’re eating like a queen!

We also grabbed the chance to swim before heading out. Its an indoor pool. It’s not that big but we were able to swim alone.

This is how their MRT looks like. Its different from Singapore but its also convenient. I wish we have it in our country.

First stop, Batu Caves! You need to head to the MRT early because the arrival and departure of the transportation is scheduled. I think we waited almost 30 minutes. Batu caves is at the end that’s why it takes long for the MRT to arrive.

I am amazed by the different cultures present in SG and KL. 

There is no entrance fee here but if you will enter the cave wearing a shorts, you will be asked to rent a sarong. It’s a sacred place so everyone is required to dress appropriately.

Here is a view of the peak of the cave. I think its almost 200 steps or more before you reach this point. It’s hot there but its worth it!

Aside from the birds there are also tons of monkeys wandering.

This is a photo of me wearing a sarong I rented.

View from the top.

Beware! Monkeys grabs your food so don’t bring one near the caves. We bought a food nearby and it was stolen by the monkey. What a funny experience!

After that we went immediately back to KL sentral to explore more of Kuala Lumpur.

We ate and went shopping on the Malls near the MRT. Their MRT stops are beside malls which makes it more convenient to shop.

After that, we went to Central Market to check for souvenirs and to stroll. The place is easy to find.

We also went to hunt a place where we can send postcards. It was already 7pm but luckily there is an available post office at KLCC Mall.

we also checked the Muji store and customized our notebook.

The Kuala Lumpur experience is not enought without visiting Petronas Twin Tower!

It was hot but worth it!

Mandatory selfie with the magneficent slash famous tower!

after strolling we went back home and eat dinner at the restaurant near us. Yum!


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