Day 3 – Off we go to Malaysia!

This is my first time to transfer from one country to another through bus. We searched online and apparently some bus are only booked online. Luckily, the taxi was kind enough to drop us to a bus that goes to Melacca (a town in Malaysia).

Before going to the terminal, we went to City Square Mall to send postcards.

Their post office is really lovely and I am a bit jealous.

After that, we checked out at the Hostel and looked for a cab. He dropped us off around Bugis. I think terminals going to Malaysia are located there.

We bought a food at 7/11 using the easy access card we bought at the airport because we won’t be using it once we’re in Malaysia.

The bus is a 3-seater bus and the driver is really friendly and kind.

There are 2 immigration stops where the bus will stop and wait for you. Singapore border and Malaysia border.

Our departure time was 12:30 and we arrived at Melacca around 17:00 because of the line in both immigrations. If you are not used to long drives, I suggest you take the plane.

The bus stopped at a terminal in Melacce where we bought a ticket going to Kuala Lumpur. A money changer is also available there. I suggest you change your money there because its cheaper.

It’s already around 6 but the sun is still up in this country!

Off we go to Kuala Lumpur! The bus is a 4-seater and can occupy more compared to the other bus we rode from Singapore.

There is nothing much to see in the rode just trees and some houses. I recommend bus rides to budget trips and if you’re not rushing. To save time, I suggest you book a plane instead. Our travel time ate most of our time that day.

We arrived at TBS around 8/9 pm. We immediately went to ask for the MRT/LRT going to our Hotel.

They don’t use cards in Malaysia but tokens. Its cute and scary because you need to buy another one if you misplaced it. So don’t misplace it!

Here is a peak of their MRT. Some of the couch in their MRTs have labels that say for ‘female only’.

Finally we’re here! Maharajalela Station.

We’re not familiar with where our hotel is located so we rode the taxi but to our surprise, it was just a block away from the station. The driver can’t help but smile at the thought of us riding a taxi. It was really fun but we’re tired too.

Welcome to Mandarin Court Hotel!

The hotel was huge and the staffs are kind. This is not a 5 star hotel but it exceeded my expectations. I would love to have a staycation in Kuala Lumpur and stay here.

We’re in the 13th floor but unfortunately we booked a no window room that’s why we weren’t able to enjoy the city lights.

Here is a glimpse of our place.

We went out to have a dinner and luckily we spotted a good deal restaurant.

Their noodles is only 11 RM. Friendly staff and the food is really good. There is also a 7/11 beside the restaurant.

It was a tiring 8 hours drive but travelling through bus made me experience a taste of how locals would cross borders. 


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