Day 2 more of Singapore

Day 2 | May 22

We woke up somewhat late because of the weather and our long trip yesterday. The rain made me hopeless that we won’t be able to enjoy Universals today but luckily the rain stopped and it gets more exciting!

Malls and Subways in Singapore have really long escalator. Some of it even have a faster pace than normal which is both fun and scary.

Today we are headed to the famous Merlion Park! You just take the MRT headed to Sentosa Island. It is somewhat far from the station we dropped off but the walk is bearable even if its hot.

The area where this park is located is a business place. We came there on a monday and was surprised with people all in business/corporate attire. But eventhough its monday, there are still a lot of tourist in the Park.

Tried their street Ice Cream for around 1-2 SGD. Yum! Perfect for the weather.

This hotel is in front of Merlion Park.

Finally here! Tried my best to thank a photo of these two avoiding the head of all the people at the park taking photos.

A view of Marina Bay Sands during the day! Plus the Artscience Museum.

Why hello there Merlion!

Another photo with the skycrappers.

After taking some photos, we went at the MRT station to look for a food to eat. Most fastfood chains are crowded in this place esp during noon time. 

After eating lunch, we’re headed to Sentosa Island to enjoy Universals Studio Singapore.

The entrance fee is 67 SGD but we we’re able to buy it at 60 SGD. Some tourist guide offered it too us while we are at the station going to universals.

I suggest that you go earlier to enjoy all the rides and come weekdays to avoid the bulk of people. But their fireworks are only during Saturdays.


Minions are everywhere but its fine because they’re adorable anyway.

This is elmo trying to chase to Spaghetti he will eat. Lol.

This 3D or more like 4D ride is fun. It made me feel that the autobots just kept throwing us.

This is the famous galactica and I think one of the scariest rollecoaster rides in the world. I wasn’t able to try it because I am scared that I might vosit and feel dizzy that I won’t enjoy my whole stay at Universals. Maybe next time!

Our favorite ride! This ride reminds me of the Space ride in Disneyland but I think this is more intense. This is a Mummy Ride. It’s dark inside so you will mostly get surprise with its every up and down.

Welcome to Jurrasic Park. We rode the ride where we will get absolutely wet. Mostly our shorts and shoes! But I still enjoyed it because I sort of love getting in those kind of rides. 

Next stop, Far Far Away kingdom of Shrek and Fiona. I definitely loved the 4D or what not show in this place.

Hello there puss!

Our Universals trip will not be complete without a photo in its iconic globe.

The theme park closes at 7pm so after our fun fun day at Universals we went to go back at Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge and Gardens by the Bay. These places are just near with each other.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit the Gardens By the Bay because we were cut off. Hope to go inside and visit the garden up close next time.

After strolling, we went to the nearest MRT station and headed to the station along the way where our hotel is. We also searched for a place to eat and luckily we bumped at Subway.

It was a really tiring because of the walking day but the fun experience is exceptional. No regrets.


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