Day 1 – Welcome to Singapore

Welcome to Singapore! 🇸🇬 

Day 1. May 21, 2017

It was my first time to travel to Singapore and for me, the best thing when travelling in an unfamiliar place is to discovering new things on my own. I always research beforehand, write itinerary and do the best I can to follow it.

We stayed at Changi Airport to rest first because the first MRT trip opens at 5:30 in the morning. We tried to roam around and looked for nap pods but unluckily those are only for those departing from the airport. (Would love to experience the amazing Changi Airport when I come back! I will surely come back!)

What we experienced in the airport then was to sleep. Changi is also considered as the perfect airport to sleep. We stayed there for around 2-3 hours. You can experience more of the beauty of Changi when you depart there. Unfortunately we weren’t able to experienced that.

Other things we did at the airport was to experience their potable water station. You may think that I am joking about this but I am not! The sad truth is that you won’t see potable water fountain in my country. 

Another thing we enjoyed was the free charging station. The word free is not quite famous in my country.

Aside from the things I mentioned above, we ate breakfast at McDonalds. We can’t help but ear at famous fastfoods when outside the country esp when we do not know where to eat.

We also bought the EZ link card at the airport. This is reloadable pass of their MRT and some taxi and store that accepts the card. It’s less hassle because you can just swipe and go.
So the journey begins!

I booked the hostel we stayed in via We wanted to save and decided to book a 6-bed for girls dorm type at Traveller’s Loft located at 292-A Lavender Street, Singapore. We rode the MRT headed to Lavender Station but we suggest you drop at Farrer Park because its closer. Our stay is inclusive of breakfast & personal locker. The staff knows how to speak english that is why its not difficult to communicate. Our roomates are also quite, kind and not messy thats why our experienced with a dorm type is not bad.

Our first stop Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Seragoon Road. This place is really near at the hostel. We just took some photos of the temple and went straight to Little India. There are shops and restaurants in this place. 

We dropped by at Mahatma Ghandi Museum but apparently it was closed on Sundays so we just went to Little India to eat lunch.

I am not familiar but I think Indian food are spicy. I asked the owner of the Indian restaurant about their food and he answered that it was not spicy. Though, to my surprise it was really spicy. (I don’t eat spicy food esp those that are really spicy.) It was a really fun experience though! 

After our Little India trip, we went to Arab and Bugis street. Its a really lively place and there are tons of shops and street foods! 

You will also find the colorful houses there!

We just strolled around bugis and discovered some temples and other places.

After that we found the astonishing National Library that feels lime heaven for me and my sister!

What I really loved about this library is that they have tons of book and the place is huge where you can really enjoy studying and reading.

We stayed there for a while because the rain poured.

Our next stop was Kampong Glam and Haji Lane.

This is the Sultan Mosque. We weren’t able to enter and I am not sure if we are allowed to enter so we just took a photo. This moque is just a few blocks from Haji Lane.

Haji Lane is a really artsy place! You can shop and eat at this street or lane. Take not though that some shops are closed during Sunday.

While walking to the nearest station, we bumped at the Cat cafe. You get to be with cats while chilling! How adorable is that!! 

Meomi Cat Cafe

Wish I can drop by here again soon.

Their MRT is like the MTR at Hong Kong that’s why I didn’t have a hard time figuring out the places. This type of transportaion is cheap and really convenient for both tourists and non-tourtist.

We bumped into another temple. Visitors are welcome to enter as long as you remove your shoes and wear sarong esp to those wearing revealing clothes.

Last stop Pagoda street—China town!!

We strolled around the place to check for something to buy and some food to eat. There is a nearby Chinese restaurant where we ate our dinner. What I like about Chinese food is its big serving. All meals are worth it.

The weather in Singapore during our stay is around 27-30 degrees. Bring comfy clothes, water and tons of energy esp if you will only walk and ride the MRT.


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