Sakaling Hindi Makarating

“In case it didn’t arrive” is a Filipino film by Ice Idanan. Last March 31 and April 1, 2017 my organization hosted a film showing here in our town.

The film is about a girl who experienced a break up with his fiance/boyfriend for 11 years.

Before I share my sentiments about the movie, let me share to you the organizers who made this event possible.

What I love about the movie is the story itself and the underlying lesson. This is a story about discovering yourself after being heartbroken and not waiting for anyone. You and only you have the power and control over yourself. You are incharge of how your life will be.

The main character received anonymouse postcards from all around the country and she decided to follow these destinations in the hope of finding her soulmate. While traveling, she discovered a whole lot more.

The movie also showcased the beautiful attractions and traditions in our country. It didn’t focus on the mainstream or mostly known places in the country instead it showed new ones.

Lastly, the story showed postcards which made me love postcards and postcrossing. The director used this as one of the elements in the movie.

Director Ice and Executive Producer Patrick on stage.

here is our photo after the film showing. 


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