A weekend where everything flies

Weekends are best spent with the people we love.

This february we decided to hit the road and go to Pampanga to experience the Hot Air Balloon Festival. 

We went off the road around late lunch and we arrived in the afternoon. Our first day in Pampanga was spent shopping, having picnic at their huge park and eating.

We ate at Matin-ih, Clark, Pampanga where it serves Pampanga delicacies.

I was also influenced to “dab” by these two kids. We went home, we prepared food for the picnic the following day.

It was my first time to attend the festival and I really don’t know what to expect. We went to Omni Avaition around 3 in the morning to avoid traffic but there was already traffic when we arrived.

The entrance fee is 350 per person. There was quite a line but it was bearable. 

After passing the entrance, we immediately looked for a good spot and placed our mat, tables and chairs.

We waited for almost 3 hours before the event started.

The event formally started when these dudes jump off. I am always fascinated with any thing that makes you fly and its so fun to see them making a smooth travel and landing.

The balloons were then inflated. Here is the best photo I got so far. As they were inflated, each balloon was flying. Some flew perfectly while others failed. 

It would be a great experience to try it out soon.

I think the best time to watch during the hot air festival is at the morning especially when the weather is not too windy.

Up and away they go!

When all the balloons flew already, we decided to eat the food we prepared. (Breakfast!!)

The weather was hot that day but the space where the event was held was open so the weather was also breezy and windy.

It was also dusty and look at those garbage. Why.

Some also flew their kite because the place and wind is just perfect.

There were performances after they showcase the beautiful hot air balloons but we decided to not finish the program. After that, we won’t to buy a Jollibee chicken joy and went home to eat and go swimming.

It was indeed a weekend where everything flies and I had a really good and fun company so the pagod and dirt was worth it anyway.

Majority of the time was spent eating and laughing. 


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