Take me to the beach

Weekends are made for exploring so we decided to explore the beach.

There is something magical when the ocean and sky meets. Also, how the sun and clouds sink in different colors. One of the view I will never get tired staring.

I went to San Juan, La Union last year (2016) in January and everything was different. It’s true that a year can really change a lot of things. I was also stunned because the beach is crowded. There are so many tourist and even foreigners. The place also hat its own brand name already and its called “Elyuclassic”. My friends and I just used to call La Union as El-yu because its spelled L-U.

Restaurants are everywhere but some are pricey. Price range from 80 and above. 

We stayed at the Circle Hostel and it was a fun experience to stay in a Hostel and sleep at a dorm type room. The room is open, no windows and doors but it was fun!

Here is a glimpse of their room. 

the place is artsy and the people are friendly.

this is the common area.

The view at the beach at around 7am.

My lovely companion for the weekend. 

Our hang loose pose! Did we nailed it?

Don’t have much to say. This quick getaway was indeed memorable. Check my previous post to know more about the hostel we stayed.

Here is a photo of me enjoying the beach!! 


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