Maraming salamat 2016

Before the year ends, let us take a look back at the best moments of my life this 2016.

Here is a compilation it.

This year I bleached my hair in red.

This year I also tried rock climbing with my brothers and sisters. Learned that it doesn’t only takes strong legs but also arms and great strategy on shifting weight.

(Rock climbing at Lagalag, Baguio)

This year I also had tons of foodtrips with my fave girls! (Shoutout to Kitang, Aimee and Kayena)

Discovering Baguio with Aimee and mah girls! (It was my first time to visit Bencab Museum with aimee and my second time with My mom and sister), we also went to Tam-Awan village one of the tourist spots in Baguio.

Here is a silhoutte of me taken at Oh My Gulay (Vocas, Baguio).

This year we also finished and binded our thesis! Our road to sablay.

This year I also enrolled to a Fine Art class and I extremely enjoyed it. We tried doing a lot of things and made me appreciate arts more.

Here are some photos in our field trip:

And also a selfie!!

These are my FA classmates. My last term in college.

This year I also challenged myself and conquered my fear of speaking in public. This was a photo in our Miting De Avance. Hello CADUA!

Our very own Masonic Family. So proud of our baby girl for a job well done in giving her tribute to the flag speech.

This year I also turned a Majority Member in my one and only international organization but despite that I always see to it that I attend installations and stateds whenever I can.

Tried a little naughty photoshoot this year with my brothers and sisters. Nah, I don’t smoke. This is for promotion only.

Here are some artsy shot I took this year. I also made the first one and got an UNO for it.

Headed north this year with my fam and college friends.

This year I presented at an International Conference again. So happy to see scholars and their dedication at their researches.

My outfit for this years Senior Ball. This outfit was all thanks to my every awesome ate Kai!

Tried scuba diving this year with my brothers and sisters thanks to our dads and moms for always spoiling us.

Graduated in College this year. Sablay!!

This year I also went to Hk and Macau with my family and relatives.

This year is not complete without family gatherings. Fourth pic (We rode the truck after a very long time! One of the things we usually do when we were younger)

This year I also had the chance to hang out with my childhood, elem and hs friends! Always nice to see them despite the busy schedule.

Turned 21 this year. Gah! I am getting older.

Met new people in work and I am glad because they are kind and welcoming. Early morning work and late nights bonding. Thank you!

This year I also narrated at our event in the office and the feedbacks was overwhelming.

The 8-10 hour travel is always worth it from work to home. These are the pictures from our christmas this year.

Ending the year with a Haiku written by one of the best people/friends I have. Words are always powerful and I am always grateful for the words we can share.

Thank you 2016 for everything! I surely enjoyed the best ones and learned from the worst ones. More iridescent discoveries ahead. Happy new year! 


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