Weekend in Manila

One of the things I look up to when I started working (aside from my salary) is the weekends. I have to admit that there are days when I feel really stressed in work and the 2 day break is really helpful for me to just breath and destress.

Last weekend, I went to Manila to reunite with my childhood-elementary friends. They are the people whom I know for a really really long time and I am glad that despite our distance and past, we still managed to hang out whenever possible.

My travel was from Baguio City, PH to Sampaloc, Manila. The time interval of departures from Baguio is every 4 hours and my fare cost P445. The travel was not that convenient aside from weird awkward strangers sitting beside me and my body clock. 

The bus departed at 11:00 pm and I arrived around 4 in the morning. I really don’t know much about the where-to in Manila but thanks to my friends for touring me even if it was for a short period of time.

Public transportation in Manila is expensive. I think its also because of the influx of people. So ready your coins whenever you are in Manila. Some taxi does not give your change back and I don’t get why.

Anyway, let us not focus about that and just tackle about my trip.

My friend decided to tour me in Pinto Art Museum. Yay!! I am really a fan of museums not because you get to have good OOTD backgrounds and feed goals but because I am really fascinated with fine arts (eg paintings, sculpture etc). I am not relly good at it but I am impressed with art and how they came to produce it.

We took a tricycle ride from my friends apartment and went to MRT Legarda. It was my first time to rise rhe MRT in the Philippines and I can’t help but feel ignorant about it. How I wish that there are MRT everywhere in the Philippines. We wouldn’t have a hard time lining up just to ride a jeep or hail a taxi. This can also eliminate traffic or avoid it.

Our stop was at Santolan and our trip cost around 25-30? I can’t remember. After that, we looked for a Van that is directly to Antipolo. It cost around 40-50. It was a 30 to 45 minutes ride. The van stopped near the cathedral. We immediately rode the tricycle and went straight to Pinto. The tricycle ride cost around 80.

Entrace fee was 200. The downside of being an ‘adult’ slash working class. No more student discount on practically everything!!

Museum is open every Tuesday to Sunday. 9am/10am until 6pm.

Things to remember when visiting  Pinto: 
1. Bring water (if you like) because its hot and water is expensive inside

2. Wear comfy clothes (because its really hot)

3. The restaurant inside the museum is really pricey

4. Enjoy! Appreacite art and don’t just take selfies

Here are some of my favorite artworks and photos at Pinto:

I think these are made of old magazines that is why its fragile. Sit at your own risk but it will destroy the masterpiece.


Enjoyed the place and artwork found in Pinto.

We hailed an uber when we went back to Pasig or Ortigas or I am not quite sure. Dinner date with my fam!!

Years may have passed since we last saw each other but nothing has change. The moments we shared from the past is what makes us stronger today and I am glad that we are still tight.

These people are part of my childhood and I am glad of it.

Cheers for more years together!

This sums up my weekend 🌸


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