Since You’ve Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone is a book written by Margot Manson. This books revolve about how far friendship will take you, discovering yourself, getting out of the comfort zone and finding love.

I admire the book cover because its really lovely and these two girls are adorable to look at while they are eating their ice cream.

Sloane suddey disappered and Emily had no idea where Sloane. The one thing that Emily knew is that Sloane left a list. It was a list of dares. 13 dares to be exact.

Emily finished the list hoping that after she scratches all these 13 dares, she will eventually find Sloane (her bestfriend).

The dares are really challenging and I, myself would love to try them out but I don’t think that I am that brave enough. 

Emily was the shadow of Sloane and when she left, Emily felt somewhat lost. Thanks to the dares given by Sloane, Emily had conquered her fear and discovered things she never thought she can in her life.

This book was exciting to read. It shows how anyone can be like Emily, someone who doesn’t believe in their self but getting out of their comfort zone will show their true self. I have to admit that I am somewhat like her but I am trying my best day by day. I would someday love to try skinny dipping, steal something (on purpose) or even kiss a stranger.

Emily also found someone she loves dearly but I don’t really want to dwell much about that and focus on how Sloane and Emily’s friendship made everything possible. True friendship is indeed boundless. 

It was a good read but I am not really fond of too long chapters that it sometimes bore me.

Anyway here is a photo of the dedication part. 


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