Wonders of Wattpad

I can assure that majority of you have heard and even visited Wattpad.com but beforing sharing my sentiment about Wattpad let us get to know wattpad and how  it works.

To those who are not familiar with this application, Wattpad is an app created to those who are passionate in writing stories (in different genre) and to those who loves to read stories acrosse the globe. Everything here is free. Majority of the works here are created by those who are aspiring to publish their own works.

Some are fond of this application and some loathe it. I am a wattpad writer since 2010 or 2011 but I stopped writing when I entered college. Disclaimer: I am not that good but I like how there are people who appreciates my works

I am somewhat picky when it comes to reading wattpad stories but wattpad writers deserve all the credit for their works. Writing is not easy and publishing it online takes a lot of guts.

Another admiring thing about this app is that it exposes your talent in writing and some are even published in our country. I rarely buy wattpad books but I do recommend this book and the one entitled ‘A Latte Like Love’.

I just like how they write and how creative they are with their plots. My all time favorite is eydee aka as beeyotch in wattpad. 

I am not forcing everyone to read and support wattpad writers but there are a lot of good reads there if you just want something to read, to make you ‘kilig’, cry or laugh. I read wattpad when I am bored and have tons of free time esp when I discovered a really interesting story. It is addicting! 

Thanks to wattpad a lot of writers are living their dream. 


2 thoughts on “Wonders of Wattpad

  1. I wish Wattpad supported more of the little writers instead of prompting poorly written stories. The site could be great, but it’s mostly a dump of bad stories. If I could, I would create a better story sharing website and it’s something I’m thinking about doing in the future.


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