Haven Inn Hong Kong Review

One of the things that people look for when traveling is a place to stay. I am not a pro in budget traveling and traveling abroad. I usually just read articles and blogs online that will guide me in my trip.

The hotel I previously stayed in Hong Kong was in Hoi Shing Hotel but apparently I wasn’t able to booked that place so I tried a different one.

This year we (I am with my relatives & family) stayed at Haven Inn or Tempo Inn. It is located at Flat D-G, 1/F, David Mansion, 93-100 Woosung St, Jordan, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

How to get there?

I haven’t tried riding a cab or MTR from the airport. I usually ride the bus because its cheaper than a cab and more convenient than the MTR esp when you have luggages. The bus no we rode going to the hotel was A21. I forgot where exactly we drop but its near prudential centre bus stop.

Where do I book and look for a place to stay?

I tried booking at booking.com twice and I do find it convenient. They don’t usually charge you until you are at their hotel but this year they asked for a downpayment or credit card.

What are my standards when looking for a place to stay?

1. The most important thing is its accessibility to the main road or town. (The hotel should be close to the place where I will be going so that I won’t get lost & waste much time.)

Tempo Inn is just a 2 blocks away from the main road (Nathan Road). Below the Inn are food chains and grocery stores. It is also near a MTR station. One tourist attraction is also near the Tempo Inn. (Temple Street Night Market)

2. Price. Budget hotels are also a must! Considering that I don’t have that much money, I always look for clean and comfy hotels that are affordable. Our stay in Haven Inn cost around P14,000 ($220 HKD) for 5 nights and 6 days. This is already good for 3 person.

3. Facilities (The hotel has a  separate toilets per room with Hot & cold shower. It is not that big but its clean. They also change towels everyday or after 2 days. They even gave us toothbrush and toothpaste.

This is their tiolet or comfort room.

The hotel also has its own aircon per room. Though the aircon is sometimes confusing and hard to manipulate. Their comforters & pillows are clean and comfy.

This was our room.

Pardon my messy bed. I was busy packing.

Televisions and blowers are also available per room but due to our busy schedule we weren’t able to watch and try their TV. Most shows are in Chinese or Cantonese.

The water is free!! This is really helpful and a plus for Haven Inn because waters in HK are somewhat expensive. August is a hot season that is why water supply is a must. Compared to our previous hostel their water is unlimited but in Hoi Shing water coming from the sink is potable.

They also have a laundry service so if you are planning to stay for more than a week and only has few clothes then this place is perfect for you. I am just not sure how much it costs but you can contact them online.

They also offer discount entrance tickets and provides you a map & booklet of the tourist attractions in the country. So if your tripe was unplanned then this hotel can help you with your trip in Hong Kong.

4. Staff. Miss Chan is really friendly and patient in answering questions in email or personally. She is not that fluent in English but we can comprehend with what she says and explains.

How do I get information about the hotels facilities and services?

I take time to read. Usually details are posted at their website or in booking.com. I like reading reviews to have a background information on the quality and service of the hotel. This is really helpful to tourist. (Give reviews in your trips and booking so that other tourists will also be infromed)

Haven or Tempo Inn is also a really artsy hotel. Each rooms has its unique style and design inspired mostly of music.

Look at this board!! Its a world locator of their guest aroung the world.

This is the hallway from the front desk and main door. It is not that big but also not too small.

This is the lounge and there is a guitar you can borrow.

My favorite area!!

The hotel also hat a huge map. Those circle marks with asterisk (*) are the MTR stations.

Some buildings in Hong Kong looks old and dirty but usually Inns are located at those kinds of building so don’t get too judgemental. Just check reviews and then decide if it fits with your standards or not.

Happy traveling!


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