Day 5 & 6 – Shopping and wandering

Day 5 was mostly about shopping and walking. We went to prince edward then to Sheun Wan then Mong Kok. Can you imagine how far those places are? Well its really far. From far kowloon to central then back to Kowloon side.

We went to prince edward to attend a mass. Its a catholic mass and its interesting to attend a mass in another country. Books are provided where you can read the sermon and there are also song books so you can sing with them. I think this is a helpful trick to help attendees to pay more attention to the mass and sermon.

I didn’t took that much photo so this post will be words and words. It was sunday and every sunday Filipinas are everywhere esp in Central. It feels like Pinoytown suddenly existed. They will close a road there and they will eat lunch in a picnic setting. Its amazing to see a lot of Filipino in a different country. It reminds you of home & of course PHs.

We also went to MongKok where the street of sneakers are found. You’ll be amaze because sneakers store from Adidas, Nike, Doc Martens, Puma etc are all there and they do not only have one branch. Some have 2 or more in just a single street. 

We also went to Causeway bay where Forever21 was located. I think its the only Forever21 store in the country and it has 4 wide floors!!! We even roamed at Times Square to take a look at their gigantic malls with designer brands/expensive brands.

It was a really tiring day. We went home at around 8PM because were so tired of walking but went out again to check the Temple Street Night Market.

Bargain items are located here which are good for souvenirs and gifts to your fam back home. The trick is to bargain and bargain. If they will not give you the price you bargain just leave and they will run for you. Then they will ask how much do you want to get it and then ta-da you got it cheaper!!

Just a friendly reminder, beware of fake items and most are replicas only.

Here is a selfie while roaming around the night market.

This is how the night market looks like. I think they are open from 4pm to midnight.

There are also restaurants around the street. Just be patient enough to walk and roam.


This is how my bed looks like after our 5 days of stay. Packing again.

Our trip back to the PH is 9:45 AM. We checked out at around 6AM and locked for the nearest bus stop to the airport. Remember to look for the A21 stop. The bus take off every 30minutes from the first station to the airport.

We arrived at around 7 or 8 and checked in immediately. Our last day was really memorable because our plane almost left us!! 

It was mainly our fault but majority of us was too innocent of the time. We arrive at the immigration around 8:30 because we ate first. The big surprise is that our gate is on 208 and the first number we saw was no 1. 

We ran 3 to 4 moving walkway. 2 to 3 escalators and 1 train. Imagine the struggle and we have hand carries. The attendants were really mad and repeating their last call. 

Thank God they didn’t left us or we are dead. Really dead. 

This will always be my favorite view.

We booked at cebupacific this time. Touchdown PH!! This is a view of Pampanga. I guess.

Our HongKong-Macau trip was tiring but definitely worth it. We always go home late and wake up early but who needs sleep when travelling right? 


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