Day 4 – More of HongKong

The heat will not hinder us from discovering the beauty of HongKong but I have to admit that it is really really hot. 30 above degrees.

Here we are with our shades, caps and comfy clothes.

With my sister and neice, they look like my age. Lol.

Next stop Tung Chung! This is the farthest area in the upper left of HongKong. This is where the outlet store is located and the ride to one of the tourist attraction in hongkong: the Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping 360.

Next stop Cable Car! We bought a ticket at a guy who was roaming at the city gate outlet. Thanks to him we didn’t have to endure the long line. One roundtrip ticket is around 182 for standard cabin.

Each cabin can accommodate around 8 persons.

The standard cabin looks like this and the trip is a 20-30 minute ride. Its fun because the speed is not that fast and the up & down movement is not that scary.

This ride is really relaxing because the view is really lovely esp the nature. Trees are hard to recognize when you are at the central part of HK.

Feels like your to close to nature.

This one too.

Finally we’re here at The Giant Buddha village. Pardon my meh face.

The Giant Buddha is still a little bit far. You need to walk around the stalls and restaurant before arriving at a stairs that will lead to the Buddha.

Another gate that welcomes you to the village. I am not quite sure what it means.

This is the stairs to reach the buddha. I think the steps are more than a hundred.

It feels impossible to reach the buddha but you can! Just prepare your water, hat, fan and energy.

I am a roman catholic but I am higly fascinated with the different religions present in our world. 

This is how the buddha looks closer. 

We even ate lunch at that village. Another thing you need to know when traveling in HK is that their serving is huge (good for 2/3 depends on how strong you eat).

Minimum cost of each meal ate from 30-50$. 

This is the video of our trip back to Tung Chung.

We are going down!!

These are my braidy gals!!

After heading to Tung Chung, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui to take a look at the beautiful city lights of Victoria Harbour.

Presenting the beautiful view in Victoria Harbour at night. There is also a show of laser lights every 8pm here called Symphony of lights.

The clock tower is also located infront of victoria harbour.

There are a lot of sites you can really visit in HK you just have to be zealous enough to google, walk and ask strangers. It will all be worth it in the end.


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