Day 3 – The happiest place on earth

Hongkong visit is not complete without going to the happiest place on earth; Disneyland!

This is a must visit not only for kids but for everyone because its Disneyland, and I bet majority of us were influenced by Disney shows.

How to get there and how much does a ticket cost?

You can go to Disneyland by MTR, bus or private vehicle but I suggest that you go by MTR.

Disneyland is located at a separate island (Sunny Bay). You will switch lane from Kowloon but it’s not that hard and inconvenient. The fare might cost around $30 or above. I can’t remember. If you have an octopus card then its just a swipe away.

Disneyland experience is not complete without experiencing the Disney themed MTR. A MTR designed with Mickey Mouse figures and famous Disney characters really adorable! This MTR ride will surely make you more excited.

After a few minutes, there will be  some stairs and ta-da this gate will welcome you to the world of fantasies and dreams. 

Last year, the Disney ticket cost $499 but this year it rose to around $530. Discount tickets are available online if you want to avail it cheaper. (And I suggest you do.) My cousin got a discount for only $458. The discount is exclusive for airline staff.

Upon entering, Mickey Mouse will immediately welcome you. Guide maps are also available at this area.

We immediately rode the train that will lead us to Fantasyland because we are tired and its pretty hot!

One of my favorite ride is Mickey’s PhilharMagix because the 3D theatre effect is really amusing. Its actually a 3D theatre where Mickey Mouse and other disney characters performed. 

This is what it looks like before the lights turn off.

Another attraction we visited at Fantasyland was Fairytale Forest where there were storybooks every station and this place was presented by PANDORA.

The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh is also included in the places we visited in Fantasyland. The ride was fun and the effcts inside.

It’s a small world is also my favorite. This ride will tour you to different countries. There are dolls who are singing it’s a small world on their own language. It really makes you realize that indeed it is a small world.

Of course we also need to eat and even their food is Mickey Mouse themed. We bought this food at Tomorrowland.

We also got to meet Chubaka in Tomorrowland. After that, we rode the hyperspace mountain. A roller coaster in the dark. It was really fun because it feels like we are in a star wars.

Trying to smile despite the heat at Sleeping Beauty castle.

We also visited the Rafts of Tarzan’s Treehouse at Adventureland. 

Another rollercoaster ride at the Grizzly Gulch.

Our disney ice cream says hi!!

Another favorite is at the Mystic Manor in Mystic Point. Mystic’s monkey magically toured us around his house.

Last stop is the Toy Story Land. We rode the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. 

After that, we went near the Castle becuase the light parade will start at around 7pm. We need to get a good spot to see the beautiful and colorful performance.


Last but not the least, the best part is the Disneyland spectacular fireworks. I am a sucker for anything bright in the dark and this performance is one of the best I have witnessed. 

I can show you the world song starts playing while the castle lights up and produce clips of the disney stars. Followed by the most awaited fireworks. I was really amazed with this part because there is always something new in every show. 

The fireworks is indeed spectacular.

Its a really tiring day but it was all worth it. 

Tips when going to disneyland:

1. You can buy ticket online for a cheaper price

2. Disney opens at 10am so I suggest you travel earlier to enjoy all the rides

3. Eat before heading to Disney because the food inside disney is really expensive. It usually cost $90 and above.

4. Go on weekdays to avoid too much people but check the weather

5. You can enjoy Disney for a day. Just manage your time so that you can ride all of the rides. Take not that there are also lines in each ride.

Tell me about your Disney experience (would love to visit other Disney soon)


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