Day 2 – Side trip to Macau

Macau is just an hour away from HongKong. When you are headed to HongKong to travel, don’t forget to visit Macau.

Today we decided to head to Macau and visit our cousin. 

We are ready to look for the terminal. We rode an MTR from Jordan station Exit A (if I got that right) and headed to Central.

We went to the HongKong Macau Terminal located at Shun Tak building. The terminal are at the third floor of the building.

I forgot to mention that the internet performs excellent in HongKong and most of the establishments have free and fast WiFi connection.

Waiting to depart. We rode the Cotai Ferry Terminal because this ferry has a free shuttle to Venetian our first stop. Adult fare for a single trip is $169. 

This is my first time to ride a ferry going to another country. The ride was a little bumpy because of the waves. Luckily, I didn’t vomit and got dizzy. It was a 1 to 1:30 minutes trip.

Don’t forget to always bring your passport when traveling abroade. You will never know when you need it. Before leaving the terminal, we need to head to the Macau immigration.

View from our bus ride to Venetian. Touchdown Macau!

Venetian is one hell of a piece of art. Every area is elegantly designed. What a really lovely hotel!

This is how it looks inside. The windows are hotel rooms and the stalls are looked at the ground floor. Yes there is also a Casino here but we didn’t have enough time to gamble at the moment.

Chinese dish for lunch. Get your nonverbal skills ready and your talent in using chopsticks when going to Macau or HongKong. There is a chance where you can encounter people who do not speck in English so prepare to talk through sings and you’ll be surprised because you will eventually understand each other. Restaurants frequently serve spoons too but come one its fun to try and use chopsticks once in a while.

After eating, we just roamed around and all the buildings are just amazing and unique. Each buildings have their own signature structure.

We also went to look at the fortune tree. I forgot where hotel it was.

We also got the chance to get a glimpse of their dancing fountain.

Another amusing building.

These are the buildings of Macau. Sadly, our time was not enough to go to Macau Tower, Grand Prix Museum and to glance at the amazing city lights of Macau.

Last stop, St. Paul Ruins. Only the front face of the church is standing still. One of the famous attractions in Macau.

We rode a bus again to head back to the terminal. 

This time we booked at TurboJet back to HongKong. The fare is $189 . Trips from Macau or back to HongKong is more expensive at night.

Free wifi everywhere and I am enjoying the locator filter in Snapchat. The ocean at that time was more relaxed that is why the trip wasn’t that bumpy. There is an MTR beside the building where the Central pier was. After arriving at Shun Tak, we rode the MTR and went straight to Jordan Road.

I would love to go back to Macau someday. Go and book a hotel & play casino. Because why not. Life is too short to not enjoy, spend some money and live life.


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