Day 1 – Taking a second glance at the beauty of HongKong

In my opinion, the weather in HongKong is hotter than the hottest place in the Philippines. The temparature is around 33 degrees. The heat is scary esp to those who are used to cold weathers. But during our stay, there was a time when it was raining.

August is somewhat a rainy season in HongKong according to my relative who works there and to accuweather/google.

Anyway, the rain did not stop us to venture HongKong.

The best thing about HK is their transportation. The MTR and Bus is really easy to understand. You can go anywhere and as far as you can.

This is how their MTR looks. It indicates where you are and where you are headed.

When you see this asterisk sign then it means that you are near an MTR station. There are signs everywhere in HK. Just take time to look around and read.

Buildings and more buildings everywhere. Guess what? They do not experience earthquake in HK according to my Tita and Idk why.

We first ventured Mid levels and it is said as the longest escalator in the world. Its not a single escalator but it is a combination of escalators and some walkway. There are also shops beside the escalator. But after the last escalator, you need to use the stairs or walk tons to go back to Central.

I didn’t research much about the famous foodchains in HK but what I love about their fastfood restaurants is that they remove sold and unavailable items. Most fastfood chains are self-service and crew moves fast and efficient. 

Roaming around HongKong is fun and tiring but mostly fun. The buildings are amusing esp the skycrappers.

Here is the HongKong observation wheel.

Midlevels and the Observation Wheel are located at the other Island of HongKong. After strolling around Central, we decided to try their ferry. It’s a 5 minute ride from Central to Kowloon side where we ate staying. The ferry costs around $3.10.

This is the view from the other side of HongKong aka as Central. This place is known to be called Victoria Harbour.

There was a smurf village near the ferry terminal and this smurf is not happy. I wonder why.

Near Victoria Harbour is the Clock Tower. Including the HongKong Cultural Center. I think the planetarium in this building is free during Wednesday. 

After eating and resting, we decided to walk at Nathan Road until we reached our Inn.

These are the busy streets of HongKong at night.

Travelling requires walking, getting home late and waking up early but everything is worth it in the end. It always amaze me to learn and observe the extraordinary the unusual. That is my motivation to travel. To have iridescent discoveries, learn from it, grow and feel more alive than ever. 


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