HongKong 2016

HongKong is the first country I have visited internationally and I was amazed at how beautiful it is despite its busy streets. Its been a week or two since I visited it but the memories are still fresh.

DAY 1 is our travel date. We arrived at Clark Int’l airport at around 5AM. We immediately checked in to avoid being late and the airport was small. Gates are not that hard to find and flights are limited.

Here we are getting ready for a 1 hour 45 minutes or so flight. Hello Mom! Hehe.

Travelling with Cebupacific from Clark International Airport to HongKong International Airport. It is not delayed. Yay!

Of course! The window photo is always a must because I can’t help but be amaze with how beautiful it is. I can’t imagine how prettier the view at the front/the pilots view.

We arrived at the Airport at around 9. We rode some escalator and one train before arriving at the arrivals area. Their airport is big, clean and beautiful.

Touchdown HongKong!!

Family picture!!! 

Upon arriving at the airport we also bought our Octopus card. It only cost $150 (adult) and the $100 is consumable. You can use the card in buses, MTR and other stores. How convenient is that right? You can also refund and give the card back after using but once you lost it then its gone including your money.

The inn I book was located at Jordan Road, Yau Ma Tei so we rode the bus A21. It is a double decker bus and this is the view at the top. 

I think all A21 buses are headed to Kowloon. When you leave the airport gate you just have to turn right and look for the stop of the A21 bus. 


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