My travel must have stuff 

I am not a light packer but here are my must have stuff when traveling abroad. 

This year my travel is in Hong Kong again and I decided to bring these stuff. These items are included in my hand carry backpack.

#1 must have is my passport because no one is allowed to leave the country without this one. I also brought my MTR Hong Kong map from my last travel. This is really helpful to solo travellers and to those who are new in the country. Aside from that, my notebook is where i write my itinerary, random thoughts and other notes. There is also no harm in bringing a pen.

I am a person who likes to organize my stuff that is why everything I need in the airport is stored in my passport wallet. The weather in Hong Kong is extremely hot during this month esp for me because I am used to cold weathers. A handy mini fan is useful to ease the uneasy feeling away due to the hot weather. Last on this photo is the eco-bag, Hong Kong charges you for plastic that is why it is suggested to bring your own bag or eco-bag. This will also help save mother earth.

The trip is not complete without my baby. I am a photo junkiee and loves to take photos so here is my instax mini 8 and some instax films.

here are my must have stuff for this travel. Hoped it helped! I usually buy my stuff online through IG or FB online shop.


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