The Day Keeper Planner

I am one of those people who likes to write down their to-do list. But aside from that, I also want to treasure my everyday boring or amazing adventures and this planner is the perf planner to spend those moments with.

I started using TheDayKeeper planner last 2015 and I just can’t get anough of it. I am sucker for anything arsty, customized and made with so much effort.

What set thedaykeeper from other planner is that it is a combined planner and journal. Aside from planning the day ahead, the planner also has a separate page for your daily happenings.

The planner also has a cover that looks like this. I am also in love with anything that makes my heart and mood happy. That is why, this is the perf planner for me!

This planner makes you want to plan but also wants you to live in the moment and just enjoy life.

This is the cover page for this years planner. 

The first page is too lovely because it reminds you that you are special and loved. Self worth is really important. This planner is too beautiful its remind you all the time of that. i am somewhat bias of this planner bec it really captured my heart.

There are also majestic photos in every month including some motivational and remarkable quotes.

But what I love the most is the What made you smile today? corner. Everyday is a different day but these planner reminds you that there is always something beautiful in a day. This corner makes me reflect on the good things, simple or not things that made me smile on a day.

Isn’t that lovely? 💕

Lastly, the postcards is something that is slowly being forgotten by our generation. Thedaykeeper comes with 4 postcards every year and I just can’t decide if I should keep it or not but for now, I am going to keep it.

You can get your own Thedaykeeper planner here. They also have a Facebook and Instagram account. You might want to check it and keep posted for other planners coming. 


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