SABLAY 2016 appreciation post

I just received my baccalaureate and graduation ceremony photos. Thanks to my sweet and kind sister for getting it at UPD!

1 month have passed since grad and it still feels like yesterday when some anonymous number sent me a text informing me that I passed UPCAT. Kara Patricia Agbayani BA COMM UP BAGUIO

Fast forward to 2016, I am already receiving my diploma as an undergraduate. This saying is a cliche but its true that time flies so fast. 

I can still remember my first day in UP. The friends I met that day, where we tambay and get to know each other. It kind of sucks to reminisce because its making me more emotional. I miss the college feels! The struggle of getting a subject, the thrill of checking my grades, the excitement of receiving my scholarship and of course the daily routine of going to class and meeting new people who will soon become my friends.

I miss everything about college but as time moves so does our lives. Now here I am in my post-graduation feels and how to adult phase.

Before I end this post let me show you some of my grad pics. All my dress, shoes and make-up was thanks to Ate Kai and Kuya Kim who made all these dream grad dress possible. Super thank you ate & kuya! She knows me so well when it comes to fashion.

Baccalaureate outfit and with the fam

Here is my grad photo with the sablay (sort of breaking the dress code with a touch of purple peticoat)

And the family picture..

I am always thankful to have these people in my life. 

I am still on my way on achieving my dreams and will always uphold the lessons I learned in UP. honor before excellence and many more. Padayon!


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