Book turned box

This book will surely take the hearts of those who love books and who are OC’s or likes to keep their stuff neat and organized.

This may look like an ordinary book for you but there is magic inside. Just wait for it.

This was a surprise graduation gift of one of my close friend in college. I wasn’t expecting a gift but she surprised me by letting me get the item in a store here in Baguio. I thought that she only bought this because she want it but she interntionally ordered it for me. This book or box is really perfect for me.

This book was indeed customized by the seller which makes it more amazing and unique. Anything that includes art and creativity is lovely for me. Effort is everything and this book and the one who created it deserves all the recognition.

Inside the box is where the magic lies. It is indeed a booksafe where you can keep absolutely anything. It can be a secret box book. Lovely isn’t it?

Tada! I stored my accessories so that you can see how it looks like. As of now, I am still deciding on what to put inside this box but I really really love it. Thanks again Aimee!

You might also want to check the owner of this online shop where my friend bought this magical book. She also selles harry potter stuff. The IG name is Booksafeph. Go and check it out. 


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