How my online selling started

Background: I own an online shop and it’s been running for quite sometime that is why, I would love to share how it all started.

I started selling some stuff when I was young around grade 4/5. My aunt would give me clips she bought from Manila and I will sell it to my classmates and teachers at school. In that moment, I indeed enjoyed selling. I also remember that whenever its recess, my classmates will take a peak on my bag to look for the stuff I sell.

When I was in highschool, I continued selling and started online selling. I used to sell ballers and clothes. I also remeber that e-commerce was just starting at that time esp on facebook. Instagram was not yet created back then.

I stopped selling when I was in third or fourth year highschool until 2nd to 3rd year college. I guess I am just to busy focusing on my other activities. I just realized then to go back on online selling because it was booming.

Katricias then was born. It was a mix of my first and second name Kara Patricia. Since then, I continued online selling and I am so happy that eventhough its tiring, I am enjoying what I am doing.

What is it about online selling that you like? It’s accessible and items are just a click away. More and more people are engaged with the internet and gadgeta that is why online selling is also booming. It is also fulfulling to know that my buyers are happy, patient and sweet. I am always thankful to transact with these kind of people eventhough we only interact virtually.

I now have an Instagram and Facebook account. Feel free to check and shop! Tips on building your online shop will be posted soon.


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